About Joaquin


My Story

I am a unique writer and director, because ever since I was born my life has been anything but ordinary. The very close interaction with good movies through my grandfather and a passion for writing inherited from my father, created in me a strong mix that has given me a great ability to express myself in written, verbal and visual ways.

My passion for writing is as strong as my passion for film directing since I am a very analytical, introspective, and very visual being. Every gesture, reaction, emotion, detail, every element in the space of a location or set; the climate and the environment, are present in my mind in every decision, every take and every scene built with my actors.

I’ve never met the limits of my creativity. My assertiveness has allowed me to direct my films with absolute confidence, calmness and success, leading my actors and crew without conflicts and tension. My confidence comes from having the complete story in my mind, with all its angles and details. I am a director because I have a clear and strong vision, because I have directed films and because I can start, finish and deliver the film; because I can get my actors to tell the story truthfully and with realism. I’m a writer because I have hundreds of stories in mind and because everything I type in a script is part of an endless file of characters, situations, emotions and experiences that I have experienced in one way or another.

I am passionate about drama and science fiction genres. I am also the most fervent admirer of women and the feminine force in every aspect of life. I don’t have a specific dream, because in this industry dreams are born and die all the time. That’s why my dreams are many and constant; rich and unique. My ambition is not about financial results, but the artistic results.

I believe that filmmaking is an art with the power to influence people, to generate changes, create trends, and create dreams or even nightmares. I believe that the art of filmmaking is the only art capable of capturing the attention of thousands or millions for 90, 120 or more minutes: I am clear about that power and, when I have the tools and resources to do it, I will certainly tell you amazing and powerful stories.

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